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I want to extend a warm WELCOME! to you…



My name is Todd Bitzer…and my passion is helping active-minded people in Lake County and beyond re-engineer their body so they can get on with confidently pursuing their goals!

HELLO!!!  To begin, if there are any questions you’d like answers to then I’d be happy to help as best as I can.  I do it every day!!!

You can click the button below if you’d like to enquire about setting up a free 30-minute Discovery Visit if you’re curious how I can help…

…Or you can reach me by phone at (847) 257-5172 … or get me through email.

Why I created Modern Athlete Physical Therapy…

Before opening the doors of Modern Athlete PT, I had worked for other companies in Indiana, Oregon, and Illinois.  Each had a different structure, but shared common clients who required orthopedic and sports medicine care.

I loved my co-workers and the patients.  Great people through and through.  And I was fortunate to be able to learn so much from all of them…

Especially from my patients.  Getting a front row seat to their hopes, fears, frustrations, and goals was POWERFUL.  You simply can’t remove the “human element” from treating the body.

At the same time, I was evolving as a practitioner.  A lot of what I had “accepted” about the body was challenged — in a good way.  I owe that to pursuing independent coursework and through personal experiences with many other practitioners from different fields.

And the result of all that was…utter frustration!!!

No, really!  It was very difficult to provide what I felt was best for my patients because of how the “system” was run.

Each year insurance would squeeze PT companies, making it tougher and tougher to treat the patients…

I experienced double-booking (and worse).

I experienced the headache of jumping through hoops because of the insurance companies’ demands.

I experienced colleagues (from all around) talking about “the game” to play.  Even though that game ultimately was just hurting the patient!

I despised it.  It didn’t sit well with me that the healthcare system was set up to focus on the symptom (aka, short-term changes), and not the person and their goals as it should be (in my humble opinion).

I couldn’t shake the constant feeling of “I could be doing so much more for my patients IF…”

I decided I had to find a way to provide better solutions to those who wanted more than short-term changes

So I created Modern Athlete PT in the summer of 2012.  And though I continue to pursue more clinical knowledge and my skills change with time, there is one constant…

The patient comes first!!!

My day is structured to make sure you know and feel that you are my priority.

My pledge to you…

You’ll have to make decisions for the rest of your life to determine what’s best for your body. My goal is to help you feel more comfortable about what your body is experiencing by educating you so YOU can make those important decisions with confidence.

In order for you to feel comfortable with my feedback…I pledge to always suggest what is best for YOU and not what is best for my business.

I realize that may be an odd statement to have to make, but chances are good that you found my website today because you have received less-than-stellar care from other healthcare providers in the past that made you question their priorities.

For that very reason, you’ll find that I don’t operate like other “typical” physical therapists.

I expect to have to earn your trust.  I won’t take that for granted.  In order to do that, I’ll start by showing you the same devotion and care that I would want someone to show my loved ones.  Yep, that’s me and my loved ones to the right.  If I expect someone to provide their best for my family, then it’s only fair for me to provide my best to you, too!!!

The 5 things you’ll get from me…

Honest Feedback (Part I)     I’ll tell you what I find and why I feel it’s important.  I’ll tell you what your body does well and what needs improvement.  I’ll guide you to make sure your effort is putting you in the best position to succeed.  (FYI, too much effort can be just as harmful as too little.)

Customized Treatment Plan     Like building a house, we first need to have a blueprint.  We’ll discuss how much time I think it will take to get you to your goals.  We’ll discuss the plan of action to get to those goals.  Each activity in that plan of action will target your body’s specific needs. There is no such thing as “one-size-fits-all”.

Adjustments To The Plan     Progress will NOT be in a straight line!  There are too many variables to have to account for in your body and in your life to have everything go “perfectly”.  We’ll make the necessary tweaks to keep you moving forward.  We won’t panic when facing a challenge.  We’ll discuss all your options and how those options may change as you move toward your goals.

Correct The Source Of Your Issue     Your comfort is important to me, so we’ll address your symptoms.  But everything we do will still target the “bigger picture”.  Long-term success and the outcome you expect will require us to address the most fundamental issue at play in your body (aka, the “source” of your problem).  Otherwise, the changes we make will only be short-term changes.

Honest Feedback (Part II)     As your body begins to correct the fundamental issue(s), we’ll see a clearer picture of your body’s function.  This may reinforce that we’re on track…or it may suggest that you’ll need more help than I alone can give you.  We’ll discuss who or what will keep you moving forward.

It’s YOUR body…and like it or not you’re stuck with it!  So let’s work together to get the best function and performance out of it as possible so you can thoroughly enjoy your active lifestyle now…and for many years to come!!!

I want to help you exercise, train, and play with better performance…even if current pain or a prior injury is slowing you down…

Just so you know, the majority of my clients seek me out for pretty common reasons:

They may be struggling to complete their workouts, play with their kids, or actively engage in life because of pain, stiffness, or a body that just won’t “cooperate”.

They may be frustrated by constantly feeling broken down.

They may be tired of popping pills just to carry on with their day and the activities they love.

They may feel their goals slipping out of reach because of limitations from pain, lack of mobility, awkward movements, or stagnant performance.

Maybe you can relate to some of those, too…but no matter what YOUR reason is for looking over my website, I know one thing for sure…

A healthy, active body is a vessel towards a lifetime of happiness that everyone deserves!

So if your “vessel” seems to be broken down then I would love to sit down and chat about how I can help to get it up and running again!

I had previously mentioned using the free 30-minute Discovery Visit that I offer as a first step in getting your questions answered and helping you make the decision that’s best for you…

If you’re serious about wanting to make a change in how your body works and feels (and therefore a change in your life!) then click the button below to enquire about scheduling a Discovery Visit with me.

There is no cost for a Discovery Visit (free means free!).  Think of it only as an investment of 30 minutes of your time and energy.

You don’t have to see your doctor first.  You don’t have to check with your insurance.  And there’s never any obligation to set up more sessions once the Discovery Visit ends.

It’s simply a no-risk consultation.  Click on the button above to give it a try and see how you can start moving forward.

(I’m sure you understand, but out of respect for my paying patients and clients, no treatment is provided at the Discovery Visit.)

A little more about Todd…

Todd Bitzer, PT

Physical Therapist & Movement Specialist

Todd’s true passion lies in helping those who hold active lifestyles near and dear to their hearts, and he has invested hundreds of hours in pursuing specialized learning to enable him to meet one very specific demand…returning each client to the adventurous activity that fuels their heart and soul at a level of performance they’re proud of!

Before creating Modern Athlete Physical Therapy in 2012, Todd had already spent years helping person after person recover from painful limitations and then thrive in their active lifestyles with better performance.

He has found that an injured body and a “poor performing” body have many of the same hallmarks.  Using methods to identify and assess the root cause behind the limitations, he has helped athletes and exercise enthusiasts re-engineer their body’s control and thereby enjoy added flexibility, strength, and power to keep reaching new levels while remaining resilient and healthy.

Todd has been lucky to work with athletes from nearly every sporting background, ranging from the professional ranks to amateur status to recreational warriors.

Treatment with Todd may draw heavily upon the following assessment and treatment methods…

Posture Restoration Institute® (PRI)

Selective Functional Movement Assessment® (SFMA) – certified

Dry Needling (aka Functional Dry Needling) – certified (coursework through Kinetacore)

Functional Movement Screen® (FMS) – certified

Y Balance Testing – certified

Evidence Based Fitness Academy – certified as Barefoot Rehab Specialist

NeuroKinetic Therapy®

Functional Movement Taping – certified (coursework through Rocktape)

…And many more methodologies regarding the improvement of joint and soft-tissue mobility, strengthening, and functional corrections of the neuromuscular system.

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