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Providing answers to your questions…


Being informed and educated about your body NOW can help you overcome your current issues and avoid potential future problems!

The Discovery Visit is a smart first step…

Do you have concerns about aches and pains, how to get stronger, or how to move with less restriction?

Having questions and concerns can be intimidating.  That can lead to doing nothing…or taking the wrong action.  And neither of those gets you anywhere.  Just a waste of your time, energy, and money.

For that very reason, I offer a 100% free 30-minute DISCOVERY VISIT to help you get your questions answered…

Become better educated and more informed

The Discovery Visit is a simple, risk-free way to learn more about what your body is dealing with right now.  It’s an informational session designed to identify the reasons behind your struggles so you can make the decision that’s best for you!

You are likely to benefit from a Discovery Visit if…

You are frustrated by constantly feeling broken down

You are tired of popping pills after sport or exercise just to keep up with the demands of your day…

You are struggling to complete your workout because of pain, stiffness, or a body that just won’t “cooperate”…

Or you are feeling your goals slipping out of reach because of limitations from pain, lack of mobility, awkward movements, or stagnant performance.

The details…

The Discovery Visit is a free 30-minute session that will help you understand the barriers your body has encountered that are making it difficult for you to get out of pain, improve your physical performance, or both.  Once you know what’s going on in your body, you’ll be in a position to make an educated, informed decision about what is best for YOU moving forward.

And yes, the Discovery Visit really is free!

Nobody will ask you for any insurance information, credit card information, or cash.  And there’s NO obligation to schedule follow up sessions.

You don’t even need to jump through the hoops of getting a referral from your doctor!

(Of course, you understand that since this is a free informational service, there will be no treatment provided.)

You can give us a call now to learn more or schedule your Discovery Visit.  Here’s the number…

(847) 257-5172


…Or you can click the orange button below and we’ll give you a call to get the process started…

Does a Discovery Visit sound like the right place for you to start?  No pressure, no worries…just answers so you can feel more confident about what you need to do to finally move forward!

These people all got started on the path to recovery by scheduling a Discovery Visit…And they’re glad they did!

“Todd has helped me to learn to listen to my body and notice when compensations occur. He has helped me to improve my balance and stability. Not only did he address the root cause of the issues at hand, he educated me to be better equipped to manage my health. He has taught me proper breathing mechanics that are essential for everyone. Considering I have been a runner most of my life, it was surprising to learn that my breathing was so inefficient.”


Arlington Heights (enjoys Fitness & Powerlifting)

“Todd is an excellent therapist. I have been dealing with lower back stiffness for years and with his help I have reduced my stiffness and pain in half! And I don’t have to take any prescription or over-the-counter pills! Because of that, I am an all-around happier person, I feel so much better, I eat healthier, and best of all, I can workout, enjoy it, and not have all that stiffness.”


Round Lake (enjoys CrossFit & Bootcamp)

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