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Helping you get rid of pain…

All services offered by Modern Athlete PT are designed to help you move better…

But in order to move better you must first be able to move without pain!

Is Physical Therapy right for you…?

When pain has become part of your daily life, your best option is PHYSICAL THERAPY

At Modern Athlete PT, we use specific forms of hands-on treatment to quickly resolve your pain, such as dry needling, manual therapy targeting joint mobility, and manual therapy targeting soft tissue (muscles and fascia) flexibility.  Please note, these treatments can only be utilized as part of Physical Therapy services (they are not available in performance-related Movement Analysis services).

You can’t let pain linger around and expect your body to perform well.

Pain is the trump card of the neuromuscular system…

Pain affects your movements at both the subconscious and conscious levels.

Pain alters development of strength and power

Pain reduces control and stabilization of your body.

Pain keeps your movement restricted.

Getting rid of pain is NOT the same thing as restoring function.  Please don’t assume that once pain resolves your movement system has returned to normal…

In order to help you reach your full physical potential, we must address the source of the issue.  Getting to the source of the problem (that caused pain in the first place) will ensure your body isn’t still compensating as you return to the activities you love.

Would you like to sit down and speak with us to find out if Physical Therapy is right for you?  We offer a 30-minute Discovery Visit at no cost to you.  This free session will allow our PT to hear what your problems are then assess how you move.  This will allow us to tell you what we see going on and discuss your options for fixing it.

Click the button below if you’d like to enquire about scheduling a Discovery Visit.

Tools of the Trade

Your Physical Therapy sessions will center around “turning off” the problem causing your pain so your body can learn to “turn on” the movement patterns that lead to you thriving (just “surviving” isn’t good enough!).

Here’s a little more information about the assessment and treatment tools I use most often…

Modern Athlete PT has no choice but to be there for you

While the Physical Therapy you receive at Modern Athlete PT will undoubtedly be different from most other choices in the area…

…The biggest difference will be how we operate.  We simply have no choice.

We put you first!

That’s not just fluff.  It’s a necessity for us — both from a moral perspective and a business perspective.

We have no choice but to provide you with the best experience you could possibly have because…

We’re not a hospital system or physician-owned clinic with built-in referrals from doctors…

We’re not a big corporation that can buy advertising on TV or in stadiums and arenas…

We don’t have fancy facilities and high-priced equipment to impress you…

And we don’t sign contracts with insurance companies that make you think we’re a cheap option.

There’s a lot stacked up against us when it comes to you choosing Modern Athlete PT for your Physical Therapy needs.  Our WOW factor comes from being able to spend quality time with you to ensure each and every session exceeds your expectations!

The 100% free Discovery Visit mentioned before is a great way to experience the attention and care you’ll receive as a patient or client of Modern Athlete PT.  Plus, the Discovery Visit will give you an opportunity to learn what’s going on in your body and how we would suggest fixing it.  Click the orange button below to get started…

The Discovery Visit is simply a chance for you to make sure you’re confident about the path suggested for your Physical Therapy before you make any financial investment.  There’s no risk on your part!

These people all got started on the path to recovery by scheduling a Discovery Visit…And they’re glad they did!

“The past 4 years my athletic pursuits can easily be summed up in one word — frustrating.  I left the first meeting with Todd feeling like I was finally headed down a path to recovery.  Over the course of the next few visits not only were the issues I was experiencing improving, but I was learning so much about the human body during the process.  I am accomplishing the short term goals I had previously set for myself and realizing that through all the frustration I was experiencing over the years there is finally light at the end of the tunnel.”


Buffalo Grove (enjoys Fitness)

“Todd has helped me to learn to listen to my body and notice when compensations occur. He has helped me to improve my balance and stability. Not only did he address the root cause of the issues at hand, he educated me to be better equipped to manage my health. He has taught me proper breathing mechanics that are essential for everyone. Considering I have been a runner most of my life, it was surprising to learn that my breathing was so inefficient.”


Arlington Heights (enjoys Fitness & Powerlifting)

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