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Helping you improve performance…



Restore effortless control of your core to regain mobility, build strength, and let your power loose!

Is the Movement Analysis program right for you…?

When most people think about performing better, they immediately think of exercises to improve flexibility, strength, and power.  And that’s good, but there’s a step before those…

The MOVEMENT ANALYSIS program was designed by Modern Athlete PT to ensure your body is prepared to make the most of your training, exercise, and sport.

Movement Analysis sessions are built on a fusion of the most effective assessment methods and exercise tools from the fields of physical therapy and performance training that target your neuromuscular system.  We’ll work together to identify and fix the compensations your body has come to view as “normal” (these compensations are what’s robbing you of flexibility, strength, and power…or creating recurrent injuries).

By “resetting” the most basic levels of your body’s movement control, we’ll give you more mobility and strength instantaneously.  Simply put, you’ll be “getting out of your own way”.  This will allow your movement system to operate more efficiently so that muscles needed to create power can do so!

Clients from all backgrounds — high school, collegiate, competitive adults, professional athletes, and recreational adventure-seekers — have successfully used Movement Analysis sessions to…

✔  Improve mobility

✔  Reduce muscle tension and aches from training

✔  Improve recovery during and after sport or training

✔  Enhance strength (with or without a complimentary strength program)

✔  Develop more power and reach PR’s

The Movement Analysis sessions aren’t designed to replace your strength and conditioning program, but rather to help you get more out of the training you’re already doing

Would you like to sit down and speak with us to find out if Movement Analysis is right for you?  We offer a 30-minute Discovery Visit at no cost to you.  This free session will allow our Movement Specialist to hear what your problems are and then assess how you move.  This process allows us to tell you what we see going on and discuss your options for fixing it.

Click the button below if you’d like to enquire about scheduling a Discovery Visit.

Tools of the Trade

The Movement Analysis program is comprised of performance-related non-therapy sessions.  That means we are working to directly affect performance, not treat a medical diagnosis or specific pain complaint (that’s the job of Physical Therapy).  However, because your body’s control of the core will become more efficient, minor aches and pains may resolve because the compensations responsible for them were corrected.

Your Movement Analysis sessions will center around “turning off” the problem causing your body to work harder than it should so you can learn to “turn on” the movement patterns that lead to you thriving…

Don’t settle for just “getting by”…show your body how to reach it’s fullest potential and reap the rewards!

Here’s a little more information about the assessment and treatment tools I use most often to help you improve performance…

Modern Athlete PT has no choice but to be there for you

While the performance-driven Movement Analysis sessions you receive at Modern Athlete PT will undoubtedly be different from most other choices in the area…

…The biggest difference will be how we operate. We simply have no choice.

We put you first!

That’s not just fluff. It’s a necessity for us — both from a moral perspective and a business perspective.

We have no choice but to provide you with the best experience you could possibly have because…

We’re not a big corporation that can buy advertising on TV or in stadiums and arenas…

We don’t have fancy facilities and high-priced equipment to impress you…

And we don’t partner with large corporations, medical institutions, or pro sports teams just to get your attention.

There’s a lot stacked up against us when it comes to you choosing Modern Athlete PT for your performance-related needs. Our WOW factor comes from being able to spend quality time with you to ensure each and every session exceeds your expectations!

The 100% free Discovery Visit mentioned before is a great way to experience the attention and care you’ll receive as a patient or client of Modern Athlete PT. Plus, the Discovery Visit will give you an opportunity to learn what’s going on in your body and how we would suggest fixing it. Click the orange button below to get started…

The Discovery Visit is simply a chance for you to make sure you’re confident about the path suggested for your Physical Therapy before you make any financial investment. There’s no risk on your part!

These people all got started on the path to recovery by scheduling a Discovery Visit…And they’re glad they did!

“Todd has helped me to learn to listen to my body and notice when compensations occur. He has helped me to improve my balance and stability. Not only did he address the root cause of the issues at hand, he educated me to be better equipped to manage my health. He has taught me proper breathing mechanics that are essential for everyone. Considering I have been a runner most of my life, it was surprising to learn that my breathing was so inefficient.”


Arlington Heights (enjoys Fitness & Powerlifting)

“My initial meeting with him was one of the most comprehensive assessments I’ve ever done.  I have had 3 ACL tears and 2 separate meniscus tears since 2007.  Todd was able to pinpoint some mobility and movement problems I had immediately.  I was finally able to find the direction I’ve been looking for to start improving myself.  While I know these things are never an easy fix, I was encouraged when I started seeing results in my lifts and in my general movement.”


Buffalo Grove (enjoys Fitness & Soccer)

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