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What is Postural Restoration®?

Incorporating the principles and activities of Postural Restoration® may be one of the most powerful choices you could make to maximize your body’s function.

It’s been a game-changer time after time by giving control back to those who’ve struggled with pain…

But it’s equally effective to help active-minded people perform better by improving range of motion, restoring effortless mobility, and allowing their body to more easily generate strength and power! 

“Postural Restoration® incorporates repositioning, re-patterning, and revolving between two sides of the body with no one dominant center.”

— Postural Restoration Institute®

And at first glance, it may seem counter-intuitive that Postural Restoration® techniques can have such a positive influence on physical performance because — to be honest — the exercises don’t look particularly “athletic”.

But these funky-feeling exercise techniques are NOT designed to work like typical strengthening exercises do…

Instead, Postural Restoration® exercises show your body how to break free from dominant patterns of compensation that are holding you back.  This is something that everyone can benefit from…no matter how talented and athletic you are.

The Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) has developed hundreds of exercises like the one pictured above to help your body "reposition" and reduce the negative effects of being stuck in dominant patterns of movement and control.

The Importance of Asymmetry

As a human being, your body has an asymmetrical design.  Yes, you have two arms, two legs, two ears, and two eyes which gives the appearance that your left and right sides are identical.  But your core is anything but symmetrical…and this asymmetry is really what influences your movement.

The driving force of the core is the diaphragm muscle, which is the main muscle responsible for efficient breathing.  The diaphragm on the right side is thicker and more dome-shaped, while the diaphragm on the left is thinner and more flat.

The differences in the left and right diaphragms (with the help of other core muscles) influences the positioning of your rib cage, spine, and pelvis.  This ultimately leads you to favor bearing weight on your right leg and reaching with your right arm, as well as influencing rotation in your torso. 

(FYI, favoring the right arm and leg is different than being “right-handed” or “left-handed”.)

This is a good thing, though, because it aides your movement.  For example, you won’t have to slow down and “think” about which hand to reach with to grab the cup on your kitchen counter.

But too much of a good thing can be, well…a bad thing.  It can lead to certain patterns of control and movement becoming dominant…

So dominant, in fact, that you become unaware that you can’t even move out of that pattern!  It’ll either restrict your movement or force you to spend extra energy to get the job done…

Here’s an analogy (I hope you enjoy analogies!):

Imagine you are standing in the corner of a large flat playing field…

Dominant movement patterns will keep you in that same corner, restricting your ability to move out of it.  Of course, you may do quite well in that little corner… 

But because you only have access to that corner and not the entire field, your potential for overall success will be limited. 

Plus, any attempt to leave your corner of the field with your dominant movement patterns in tow may only result in injury!

Now imagine your dominant patterns of control are broken and replaced by more efficient patterns.  These patterns allow you to be in control from one corner of the field to another, in any direction, and at any time.  You still prefer a certain pattern, but you definitely aren’t stuck in it.

The result is an opportunity to experience the entire playing field.  Having access to the entire field, and NOT being restricted to one corner, will greatly increase your potential for success.

In order to keep your body “experiencing the entire field”, you need to ensure the most basic movement needs — such as walking, breathing, and chewing — maintain their alternate, reciprocal nature…free of dominant patterns getting you “stuck” in one position.

The importance of removing compensations from alternate, reciprocal movements can’t be understated.  It’s the foundation of how your body creates movement — no matter what sport you play or which physical activities you enjoy.


Whether your goal is to Get Rid of Pain or to Improve Performance, including Postural Restoration® techniques can help you reach the heights of your potential in sport, fitness, and an active lifestyle.

Would you like to get answers to your questions to find out how Postural Restoration® techniques could help you reach your goals?  If so, I can help answer that question (and any others) at your free 30-minute Discovery Visit.


Discovery Visits are informational sessions designed to provide you with the answers to help you feel more confident about making the decision that’s best for you…

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Your only investment is the 30 minutes to complete the Discovery Visit.  You’ll begin by telling me about your issues, then I’ll put you through a basic assessment.  From there, I’ll be better able to answer your questions, including what I see going on and the various ways you may find a solution.  (Of course, you understand that since this is a free informational visit, no treatment will be provided).

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