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You’re Wasting Energy And You’ll Never Guess Why


I want to help you find smooth, silky movement…and if you’ve already got it, I want to help you amplify it! 

That sounds weird, I know, but think of it like this…

No matter how “athletic” you are, your body may be “wasting” energy it shouldn’t have to.

That means it’s working harder to squat, lift, push, and pull than it should. 

It’s working harder to bend, reach, and twist. 

It’s working harder to get up, get down, and to go. 

Your body’s even working harder just to breatheor to put it another way, just to exist.

Think about that for a moment.  That’s a pretty profound statement!  A statement most people would rather dismiss (because acknowledging it can be scary).

And I’m not talking about breathing while working out (of course, that is a definite problem, too)!

What I’m talking about is that you may be spending all day — every day — breathing with a pattern of compensation that is creating less-than-ideal “cheats” to how your body produces and controls all motion

That means improvements in your performance don’t have to be tied to complex workouts or exhausting exercises.  Instead, the most powerful changes you can make to your performance may be what you’re doing outside of your workouts.  Because if you’ve been wasting energy all day with something so simple as breathing, you may already be starting behind the eight ball before your workout even starts!

I don’t blame you if you’re thinking “Bullsh#t”… 

And if you do, you’re not alone.  But more and more strength training and personal training professionals are seeing the link between the breath and the body’s performance.  It’s more and more common in rehab, too.  So chances are good that you’re going to hear this message again.

You have every right to say, “No, not me, I breathe fine.  I just have a problem with harder stuff.”

But do you breathe fine?  And how would you even know?

If your standard level of function is actually a compromised level of function, would you be able to tell? 

Because what is “normal” for you isn’t necessarily the same thing as “ideal”. 

Normal just means it’s your typical everyday way of going about things.  So you may be stuck in a compensation that you perceive as being “normal”, only because that’s all you’ve been exposed to for quite a while. 

You’ve become accustomed to that compensation.  It’s your baseline.

Wouldn’t you like to know if your baseline is where it should be?

And if it’s not, wouldn’t you like to know how to get it there?

I’m not talking about making you perfect.  I’m just talking about getting your “start” position to an acceptable level so your body is putting your energy to its best use.

How long are you willing to put up with a body that’s working harder than it needs to be? 

Some people will let it slide because, honestly, the work it takes isn’t for everybody.  It’s definitely easier to avoid dealing with it.  And as long as those people are okay with their level of success being potentially lowered…and their rate of injuries and discomforts being potentially higher…then they’re free to make that choice. 

I have no beef with anyone who has weighed their options and made an informed decision about what’s best for them.  There’s all kinds of happiness.  One person’s happiness doesn’t have to be another’s.

But, it breaks my heart to see people putting in an excessive amount of time and energy searching for a mere band-aid to their issue.  I’ve seen it many, many times.  The long-term destination is usually frustration.  Followed by quitting.

I’d prefer not to have to see people give up on their goals.  How about you?

Would you like to find out what kind of things your body is doing that may be limiting your physical performance, causing constant muscle tension, or keeping you from overcoming aches and pains?

I believe it’s a good idea to be well-informed about your body.  So several times a week I give my time to help people do just that by offering a free 30-minute Discovery Visit.

Yes, free.  There’s absolutely no charge for a Discovery Visit.  And there’s no obligation to set up sessions with me afterwards.  It’s simply a chance for you to learn and to ask questions.

We’ll discus your main concerns and even go over past injuries so I can learn what kinds of things your body has had to deal with in the past.  Then I’ll put you through an assessment so I can see the strategies your body is using to produce and control movement.

I’ll let you know what I see going on and how it’s contributing to your concerns or overall performance.  Then we work to get your questions answered. 

The Discovery Visit is all about helping you better understand your body.  That way you’ll be better equipped to make the decision that’s best for you to reach your goals. 

Why waste more time spinning your wheels and going nowhere?  Click the orange button below to get started on the path to better performance!

If you want to learn the real reasons why your body struggles then the Discovery Visit is for you.  It’s not going to be the same jargon you’ve heard before!

Could you be the next Success Story?

(These people were all in your shoes once…)

“The breathing regimen Todd gave me has eliminated all shoulder issues that had persisted for 3 years….that’s HUGE for me as a weightlifter.  I can now put weight overhead pain free and my strength has never been better.”


Chicago (enjoys CrossFit & Olympic Weightlifting)

“Todd has helped me to learn to listen to my body and notice when compensations occur. He has helped me to improve my balance and stability. Not only did he address the root cause of the issues at hand, he educated me to be better equipped to manage my health. He has taught me proper breathing mechanics that are essential for everyone. Considering I have been a runner most of my life, it was surprising to learn that my breathing was so inefficient.”


Arlington Heights (enjoys Fitness & Powerlifting)

Hi, I’m Todd

My hope is that you’ll notice the work we do together is more than just “physical therapy” or “improving performance”…

I want you to feel confident in avoiding or minimizing the compensations that used to cause breakdown and injury…

I want you to see your body and all its capabilities in a whole new light…

I want you to THRIVE, not just survive!


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