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The Secret Behind Getting Rid of Pain…For Good!


Pain can sap your energy…

It’s harder to get work done.  Harder to exercise.  Harder to focus.  Harder to stay in a good mood.

Your relationships suffer.  You become cranky.  You simply aren’t being you

Please don’t put off finding a fix to the pain…Help is available!

Your pain complaints deserve attention so you can get back to what you need to do AND what you want to do…and as quickly as possible!

In order to get there, a change needs to occur…and that means your body needs to be challenged to break the habits that helped you get in this predicament.

You already know there are many choices out there when it comes to physical therapy.  And you might already suspect that how a physical therapist helps you get rid of pain is wide and varied from one clinic to another.

So I want to be clear (and not lead you into false expectations)…

Modern Athlete PT operates with a philosophy unique to many of the other options here in Lake County…

You see, we view pain in a similar way to an alarm…It’s warning you that something needs attention!

While we definitely want to turn the alarm off…

…We don’t want to simply “flip a switch” and assume everything’s fine.

Instead, our goal is to solve the problem that created the pain in the first place!  Let’s ensure there’s no reason to have the pain return and further waste more of your time and create more frustration!!!

So if your idea of physical therapy is sitting back with passive treatment like feel-good massages, the buzz of electrical stimulation, or warm and cozy hot packs…and if you expect exercises that are easy and don’t require much energy or effort…

…Then I’m NOT the right choice for you!

(FYI, if you can’t move because the pain is so intense, then YES…passive treatment is needed.  But a very small percentage of people fall into that category.  And those who do only need passive treatment for a short period of time.  The goal is to get moving as quickly as possible.)

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you

My intention isn’t to scare you, but rather to be completely honest with you.  And since you’re still reading this you must already understand that passive treatment isn’t going to get you back on track.

In order to be effective in putting an end to your suffering (and the horrible anticipation of your next move creating more pain) then you need to show your body how to get out of it’s current state of compensation.

I want you to move better and feel better quickly.  To do so, we’ll have the most success by addressing the role your nervous system has on what your body is doing.  And while that may sound scary and intimidating, it’s really pretty basic…

Step #1:  Turn OFF a pattern of compensation that’s dominating your body’s control

This is usually where manual therapy (hands-on treatment like dry needling or various myofascial release techniques) comes into play.  Manual therapy can be a powerful tool to “turn down the noise” that’s got your body’s control center all confused and working harder than it needs to.

But we’ll also put a big emphasis on using appropriate positions and basic activities (like breathing!) to help your body “reset”.

Step #2:  Turn ON a pattern of control that’s more efficient and keeps your body happy

This will be the “challenging” part I mentioned at the top of the page.  Look…if it were easy then your body would probably have already figured it out!

These exercises aren’t challenging in the sense that only elite athletes can do them…

They’re challenging because the exercise will ask your body to do something it has been “wired” to forget about for weeks, months, or even years.

Of course, how you and I go about doing that will require focused attention (from both of us…which is why I see only one patient at a time!).  We’ll work together to test, then provide a portion of treatment, followed by a re-test to ensure the treatment was meaningful.  We’ll do this multiple times within one session!

No cookie-cutter programs based on diagnosis.  We use only methods based on what your body is showing us it needs…and that’s why treatment is so effective!

Try before you buy

Are you interested in learning more about how I might help you?

Or do you have general questions about what might be going on with your body?

I’m happy to schedule you for a 100% free 30-minute Discovery Visit so you can get your questions answered.

The Discovery Visit is simply a chance for you to make sure you’re confident about the path I suggest before you make any financial investment with me…no risk on your part!

In your Discovery Visit, you’ll tell me about your issues and concerns, I’ll ask you additional detailed questions, and then I’ll put you through an assessment.  Once I have the necessary information, I’ll be able to let you know…

What I see going on in your body…

How I would suggest correcting the problem…

How long I would expect it to take for you to meet your goals…

And answer your specific questions as best as possible.

Please understand that no treatment will be provided at the Discovery Visit.  This is a session designed for you to get information.

It’s an easy first step…There’s no need to call your doctor for a prescription…No need to check with your insurance first…And no obligation to schedule treatment with me…

The Discovery Visit truly is a risk-free opportunity for you to be able to make an informed decision about what’s best for you!  Click the orange button above to get started on the right path!!!

Could you be the next Success Story?

(These people were all in your shoes once…)

“I have seen many different physical therapists over the past 6 years with little to no improvement. Within the first appointment, Todd was quick to correctly diagnose the root cause of my headaches. His solution was calculated and strategic. After minimal appointments I was nearing 100% and since then Todd has constantly checked in on my status through email offering insight and invaluable guidance.”


Lake in the Hills (enjoys Hockey & Fitness)

“To think that at one time I was lying flat on my back on a tennis court in excruciating pain; through my journey with Modern Athlete PT I am pain free, stronger, faster, have better balance, and have more confidence in my body than I did before my back injury.  I’m back on the tennis court, thanks entirely to Todd.”


Port Orange, FL (International Tennis Federation - Pro Circuit)

Hi, I’m Todd

My hope is that you’ll notice the work we do together is more than just “physical therapy” or “improving performance”…

I want you to feel confident in avoiding or minimizing the compensations that used to cause breakdown and injury…

I want you to see your body and all its capabilities in a whole new light…

I want you to THRIVE, not just survive!


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