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What is Barefoot Activation?

If given the choice, would you rather be able to anticipate what’s about to happen next or just react to each event as it comes?

That’s a loaded question, of course — who wouldn’t want to have their body anticipate? 

And properly working feet do just that for you by creating a lightning-fast response to control the body based on the brain’s previous experiences with those sensations, the firing of reflex loops for activation of core and leg muscles, and the creation of micro-adjustments in position and control of your joints…

All that…just from the feet!

But first, the feet need to be able to feel.  In fact, it’s possible to be on your feel all day, but never really feel the ground…

Your foot and the ground below

How your foot interacts with the ground can have a big impact on what the rest of your “kinetic chain” does in response.

This may influence much more than the position of the rest of your bones, joints, and muscles.  For example…

Do you want to reduce the risk of injury?  The foot’s interaction with the ground will matter.

Do you want to improve power?  The foot’s interaction with the ground will matter.


Do you want to reduce muscle tightness and stiffness?  The foot’s interaction with the ground will matter.

And what about balance…endurance…recovery?  All those will be influenced by the foot’s interaction with the ground, too.

Simple assessments will guide our decisions on which hands-on techniques and muscle-activating exercises will be best for you to help you feel the ground better.

These techniques are rooted in teachings from Evidence Based Fitness Academy and integrated into any weight bearing activity. 

Barefoot activation can make an immediate impact on high level activities such as lifting weights, jumping, and running…as well as simple activities like walking, using stairs, and balancing.

Are you interested in finding out if barefoot activation may be helpful for you?  If so, I can help answer that question (and any others) at your free 30-minute Discovery Visit.


Discovery Visits are informational sessions designed to provide you with the answers to help you feel more confident about making the decision that’s best for you…

And there’s no risk to you for scheduling a Discovery Visit…It’s 100% free.  Plus, there’s no need to get a referral from your doctor or check with your insurance.

Your only investment is the 30 minutes to complete the Discovery Visit.  You’ll begin by telling me about your issues, then I’ll put you through a basic assessment.  From there, I’ll be better able to answer your questions, including what I see going on and the various ways you may find a solution. 

(Of course, you understand that since this is a free informational visit, no treatment will be provided.)

Click on the button above to learn more about Discovery Visits and find out if barefoot activation will help you reach your goals faster!

Hi, I’m Todd

My hope is that you’ll notice the work we do together is more than just “physical therapy” or “improving performance”…

I want you to feel confident in avoiding or minimizing the compensations that used to cause breakdown and injury…

I want you to see your body and all its capabilities in a whole new light…

I want you to THRIVE, not just survive!


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