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Build Core Strength


To Eliminate Pain From Your Workout


✔  The simple exercise that’s so versatile it can function as a warm-up, a cool-down, or a stand-alone exercise to keep you building strength in the core, arms, and legs all at once. (Save yourself valuable time while still producing results).

✔  The best position to strengthen the core no matter what kind of equipment you have access to. It’s so effective, we use it with nearly all of our clients.

✔  The little-known prep technique that can be all the difference in moving pain free. Stay connected to the ground so your body can “anticipate” necessary changes in control rather than just “react” to them.

✔  Plus…we’ll reveal the fastest way to get your body back in line so you can attack your workouts with confidence. (Put an end to the worries of workouts that create more pain.)

“If you care about improving or retaining athletic performance, or if you are just tired of living with limiting injuries, then you need to check out what Todd has to say…”

Dave Ester, USAW-2, Coach of Forza Weightlifting Club

Break free from the constant STRUGGLE

The frustration of RELYING ON PILLS

The fear of your goals fading OUT OF REACH

It’s time to take back control.


So…your workouts and training aren’t going the way you expect?

I see frustration like yours all the time…

And you have every right to be frustrated!  This is more about your lifestyle than it is just wanting to fix the pain or tightness or lack of performance.

And because of that, maybe only a few people in your inner circle will be able to understand — and I mean REALLY understand — why you’re so frustrated!

Everyone else you encounter each day simply won’t get why working out and training are that important to you.  It’s just not a part of their very being like it is for you.

Their sense of self isn’t tied into pushing their body…

But you’re different than them…

Your workout has never been just about burning calories (like most people out there).

You have bigger aspirations.  Challenges to conquer.  Goals to meet.  And you need your body to be in prime condition to live the life you want.


Somehow you’ve gotten off track…?


Okay,  then how do you get back on track?

How do you get back the confidence that your body will hold up when you push it?

It’s your lucky day!!!  You’re in the right spot to get some answers…

But I’ve got to be completely honest…If you want immediate changes, there’s no substitute for working directly with a professional who really understands what your body needs (and what your mind needs, too!).

But life doesn’t always make it easy to go out and get that help.  And that’s okay!

There’s nothing wrong with trying to make changes on your own…

That’s why I put this Free Guide together…3 Simple Strategies To Conquer Pain During Workouts While Boosting Performance

Click the orange button below to get this amazing info in your hands today so you can get started.

Whether you’ve been searching for an answer for months or if you just started today, then you’ll want to get access to this information.


Well, to be blunt, I’m confident in saying that the information in this Free Guide will offer a perspective that you hanven’t encountered yet.

You see, a lot of info out there is watered-down, basic stuff.

If you’ve done some Google searches then you know what I’m talking about…

And you already know that “basic stuff” isn’t what’s going to help you get over the hump and back to full speed!

That kind of stuff won’t help because it’s focusing too much on the symptom (i.e., pain, tightness, weakness, etc.).

So if you’re really serious about meeting the challenge head on…

About reaching your goals…

And about YOU calling the shots of how your life is lived…

Then you can’t get caught up in addressing the “symptoms”.

The symptom is just a result of something else.  Yes, you want to change the symptom.  But focusing on it won’t change WHY you’re having an issue.  And if the “why” is left unchanged, it’s unlikely you’ll have the outcome you’re hoping for.

To make a true change in your body, you’ll want to get to the source of your problem…

And the 3 simple strategies that I outline in this Free Guide are the first steps in doing that!!!

I’m a Physical Therapist by training, so the “symptom” with most of my clients is pain.

But I’m also lucky enough to have a great following of athletes who just want to perform better.  And they have symptoms, too…

Lack of strength…

Frequent muscle tightness…

Lack of mobility…

Lack of power…

And more.

(FYI, when I say “athletes” I mean anyone who sees their body as a vessel to get them to their goals of an active lifestyle including pursuits ranging from sport…to fitness…to the great outdoors!)

Over the years, I’ve found that no matter what the symptom — be it pain, tightness, weakness, etc. — there’s typically a common component…

The core.

But there’s more to it than lacking core strength (remember…lack of strength is just a symptom).

You need to get the core reprogrammed.  The problem is that your body is holding on too strongly to adjustments in how you move (and probably for a long time).

Your core needs a reboot.

My work with clients in the clinic — whether their basic goal is resolving pain, improving physical performance, or both — needs to address how efficiently the core controls the body so they can be really happy with the long-term results.

Here’s the deal…your body is constantly making adaptations just to complete a task that the brain wants to get done.  But that’s not a problem if the task is brief and rarely a significant part of your day.

However, if you require your body to complete the same task with the same adaptation over and over again…watch out!  You may be rewiring that adaptation into becoming the “new normal” for your body’s movement and control.

For example, activities such as walking with heels, stressful breathing at work to met a deadline, awkwardly reaching, etc., aren’t too bad when they are brief, isolated events.

But when you wear heals day after day…or when you’re dealing with stress day after day…or you’re reaching into awkward positions over and over…

Well, you get the picture…

Your body’s “new normal” includes less efficient control of the core.  This results in muscles throughout your body now taking on roles they aren’t meant to because your brain “senses” an uncontrolled core…

You’re working harder than you need to!  (And that’s just to do the common everyday stuff)

So imagine how much harder you’re stressing your muscles, tissues, and joints when you’re pushing your body with a high level of training when you’re in this state…


The solution is to hit Control-Alt-Delete for your movement system — to break from the “normal” pattern of adaptation your body has assumed.

The reset to your core allows your brain’s movement center to be more efficient in how it patterns your body’s control.


How will you benefit from more efficient control of the core?


Here’s some of the most common changes you may notice:

✔ A “stronger” core

✔ Increased power

✔ Increased strength in the arms and legs

✔ Less muscle tightness

✔ Less joint stiffness and improved motion

✔ Better endurance

✔ Less pain and soreness

But like I said before, if you want to make an immediate change then you’ll do best to seek out the help of a professional who specializes in restoring how the body uses movement patterns.

(Confession:  Obviously I would love to help you out.  This kind of stuff is my passion!  But I’m not the only one out there who can help.  The bottom line is this…when you’re ready, please reach out and ask someone for help.  You aren’t expected to be able to solve every problem on your own!)

Since you may not be ready for that step yet, I’ve put three of the easiest strategies to start with into this Free Guide.  These are the foundations of the same strategies I often use with my own clients each and every week.

Are you ready to get the ball rolling towards a brand-new rebooted core?

Here’s just some of the powerful topics I cover in this Free Guide to help you get back on track:

✔ Little-known techniques to get muscles in your feet to enhance your core stability

✔ Get your body to anticipate what’s required rather than being forced to react to what has already happened

✔ Why your shoes may be reinforcing a “weaker” core

✔ The best position in order to develop a stronger core

✔ The remarkable method used to avoid problems caused by repetitive workouts

✔ What your pelvis must do to have a chance at creating a stronger core

And so much more!!!

Don’t rely on short-term “fixes” to control symptoms like so many others do.

Popping pills, dialing down the intensity, taking time off…

Those don’t lead to long-lasting results!

You’ve gotten this far because you refuse to accept your current limitations as “normal”!

You don’t have to continue struggling to get through your workout…

You don’t have to keep feeling broken down…

You don’t have to keep using medications before or after your workout…

And you don’t have to let your goals die!!!

You thrive on an active lifestyle.  It’s time to take back control.

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FYI…Just in case this is your first experience with Modern Athlete PT…My name is Todd Bitzer.  I’m a Physical Therapist and Movement Specialist.  I’ve been mesmerized by the wonderous abilities of the human body and I hope a little of that excitement rubs off on my patients and clients.

More importantly for you right now, I want you to know that I’m also a big fan of making sure you get your questions answered…

So after you opt in to get access to this Free Guide, I want you to take advantage and reply to the email I send you with ANY question you need answered about your issue.

(Once you opt in, your Free Guide will be sent in an email.  Just reply to that email with any questions you have!)

You’ll get a response directly from me — I personally respond to every email.  Remember…this stuff is my passion!

Here’s some happy campers…Would you like access to some of the same core-building exercises they used?

“To think that at one time I was lying flat on my back on a tennis court in excruciating pain; through my journey with Modern Athlete PT I am pain free, stronger, faster, have better balance, and have more confidence in my body than I did before my back injury.  I’m back on the tennis court, thanks entirely to Todd.”


Port Orange, FL (International Tennis Federation - Pro Circuit)

“My training came to an abrupt stop after tearing my meniscus.  On my first day at Modern Athlete PT after surgery to repair the meniscus, I could barely even walk into the room.  Three months later I am lifting, running, and jumping.  I am stronger and use my body more effectively than I did previous to my injury.  Todd identifies what my body needs vs. just going down a check list of basics that I might not need.”


Gurnee (enjoys Olympic Weightlifting)

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