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“The past 4 years my athletic pursuits can easily be summed up in one word — frustrating.  I left the first meeting with Todd feeling like I was finally headed down a path to recovery.  Over the course of the next few visits not only were the issues I was experiencing improving, but I was learning so much about the human body during the process.  I am accomplishing the short term goals I had previously set for myself and realizing that through all the frustration I was experiencing over the years there is finally light at the end of the tunnel.”


Buffalo Grove (enjoys Fitness)

“Todd is an excellent therapist. I have been dealing with lower back stiffness for years and with his help I have reduced my stiffness and pain in half! And I don’t have to take any prescription or over-the-counter pills! Because of that, I am an all-around happier person, I feel so much better, I eat healthier, and best of all, I can workout, enjoy it, and not have all that stiffness.”


Round Lake (enjoys CrossFit & Bootcamp)

“Todd has helped me to learn to listen to my body and notice when compensations occur. He has helped me to improve my balance and stability. Not only did he address the root cause of the issues at hand, he educated me to be better equipped to manage my health. He has taught me proper breathing mechanics that are essential for everyone. Considering I have been a runner most of my life, it was surprising to learn that my breathing was so inefficient.”


Arlington Heights (enjoys Fitness)

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