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In the meantime, if you were looking for answers to questions we can be reached by phone at…

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Are you having issues keeping you from the activities you love?

Whether you’re just getting started trying to find a solution or you’ve already tried and “failed” rehab of some type, you may be encouraged by the services offered by Modern Athlete PT

All of our services offer a unique and specialized fusion of therapy and performance methods designed to get active, motivated individuals back to the high level of activity their soul craves.  Our clients concerned about getting rid of pain find success with Physical Therapy.  Whereas our clients more concerned with improving performance or working to fix meddlesome tightness make spectacular progress with our performance-based Movement Analysis program.

But what if you’re not sure which is right for you…or if your issue can even be helped?  Good news…

We offer 100% free 30-minute Discovery Visits to help you get the answers you need to make the decision that’s best for your progress.  The Discovery Visit is an informational session (no treatment is provided).  There’s no need to get a doctor’s prescription.  And no need to get approval from your insurance.  Your only investment is 30 minutes of your time to share your concerns and complaints, discuss past injury history, and go through an assessment so we can discuss the challenges your body is facing right now and the best options for making the necessary corrections.

Click the button above to enquire about scheduling a Discovery Visit.  Would you really pass up a free opportunity to get your questions answered by a Physical Therapist / Movement Specialist whose passion is helping people thrive within their active lifestyle?

These happy people started with a Discovery Visit…

“Todd is an excellent therapist. I have been dealing with lower back stiffness for years and with his help I have reduced my stiffness and pain in half! And I don’t have to take any prescription or over-the-counter pills! Because of that, I am an all-around happier person, I feel so much better, I eat healthier, and best of all, I can workout, enjoy it, and not have all that stiffness.”


Round Lake (enjoys CrossFit & Bootcamp)

“My training came to an abrupt stop after tearing my meniscus.  On my first day at Modern Athlete PT after surgery to repair the meniscus, I could barely even walk into the room.  Three months later I am lifting, running, and jumping.  I am stronger and use my body more effectively than I did previous to my injury.  Todd identifies what my body needs vs. just going down a check list of basics that I might not need.”


Gurnee (enjoys Olympic Weightlifting)

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Easily Use These 3 SIMPLE STRATEGIES With Your Current Workouts To Conquer Pain While Getting A "BOOST" To Your Performance!

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Hi, I’m Todd

My hope is that you’ll notice the work we do together is more than just “physical therapy” or “improving performance”…

I want you to feel confident in avoiding or minimizing the compensations that used to cause breakdown and injury…

I want you to see your body and all its capabilities in a whole new light…

I want you to THRIVE, not just survive!


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